Q: How do I get started in the business?

A: Training, experience, and headshots. Take an acting class with a local teacher. Get as much experience on your own as you can. Call the Texas Production Hotline and get on file with an Extras casting company. Check on line daily for extra opportunities and student films. Have professional headshots taken. This is your most important marketing tool!

Q: At what point do I need an agent?

A: You need an agent when you have gotten as much work for yourself as you can get on your own. Once you have gotten some on camera experience and taken a few acting and training classes an agent can help get you in the door to see the key casting directors for bigger projects. Casting directors want to see talent that have experience and have continued to study their craft through classes and workshops.

Q: What do I need to put on my resume?

A: Your resume should include your name, vital statistics, experience, training, who you have had training with, and any special skills and interests. It should be cut to fit the size of your photo and stapled back to back to your headshot.

Q: How do I submit myself?


For submissions please MAIL a copy of your 8 x 10 headshot and resume with cover letter to:
BLVD Talent
4855 Twin Valley Drive
Austin, TX 78731

If you have an actor’s demo reel available please include it with your submission. If you would like it returned to you please include a self addressed stamped envelope.

Q: Does BLVD represent children under five?

BLVD does represent children of all ages. If you are interested in representation please mail a copy your child's 8x10 headshot and resume. Children under five are not listed on the website. If you are a casting director interested in younger children please contact our office.